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Please leave a legacy gift donation to a charity you’re passionate about via Lexikin.

We work with some of the world’s best known, worthy and most innovative charities – we hope you share our enthusiasm to help support them.

 100% of your donations will go directly to the charities – Lexikin does not take any commissions or charges.

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Give to Charity through your free Lexikin account, or visit the charity pages above for more info.
As an open platform, you can donate to any charity of your choosing.

Why should you give to charity?

Leaving money to a charity you’re passionate about is a wonderful gift

We’re partnering with some of the most amazing charities to help them raise money via legacies – but we’re an open platform, meaning you can leave money to any charity you want! 100% of your donations go to the charities – Lexikin does not take any commissions or charges.

Leave a legacy

Many people have a charity close to their heart. By leaving a legacy you can help to ensure that the cause you care about is able to continue to do good work. Without gifts left in Wills by everyday people, many of the charities we know and support wouldn’t be able to fully function.

Tax Incentives

Leaving money to charity can reduce or sometimes eliminate the Inheritance Tax liabilities. When you leave a ‘charitable legacy’ in your Will, the value of the gift is deducted from your Estate before Inheritance Tax (IHT) is calculated. IHT may be reduced to 36% if 10% or more of an Estate is left to charity.

Provide Help

Lots of charities wouldn’t survive without gifts in Wills. With many of us unable to make significant donations during our lifetime, we may be able to when we die. By remembering your favourite charities in this way, you’re ensuring that their good work lives on.

How to leave a legacy

1. Sign Up/Login

Simply Sign Up or login to your account

2. Pledge £

Choose your charity and how much you would like to give or visit the GIVING section and name your chosen charity.

3. Name Your Executor(s)

Once named, they will ensure your wishes are carried out

4. Make A Difference

Your pledge will then make a difference, long after you’re gone

Are you a Charity?

Register your Charity email address with us and we will be in touch about how to join Lexikin Legacies