Your Life

Secure your digital afterlife by capturing your life’s key moments.

 Take control of your afterlife: store all your information securely and enable someone you trust to access your accounts to do what you wish with them.

Self & Family

Register details to identify you, your Next of Kin, children’s Guardians and the Executor to your Will and Estate.

My Stories

Record life stories that you never want to lose, invite family to join your scrapbook & pass memoirs on to your children – including photos & documents.

Epitaph & Bucket List

Record an Epitaph or Obituary to inspire future generations of your family.  Create an aspirational Bucket List for you to achieve.

Recording information required for a Legacy takes less than 5 minutes, on any device

Recording Your Life to pass on to your loved ones is simple to do on Lexikin

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When you pass away, you don’t want your loved ones to be overwhelmed in their time of grief. Lexikin can help you make plans now to help your family focus on the life you’ve lived and the times you’ve shared together. In addition, our services help you make key decisions that will make things easier for your family during the days and weeks following your death. With Lexikin, you can choose how your life will be remembered.

Make the important decisions now

Get Prepared
Your family will naturally be in pain when they have to say goodbye to you, and you don’t want them to have the burden of added stress selecting representatives and notifying family during that time. Lexikin allows you to make key decisions now and to establish important personal information that will help make settling your Estate easier.
Next Of Kin
Who will be your Next of Kin and need to be contacted when you pass away?
Who will be the legal guardians of your children if the worst should happen?
Who will oversee the settling of your Estate by acting as the Executor of your Will?

Create or upload your online Will with Lexikin

A Will is a vital legal document for you and your family, in the event something should happen to you.

Leave a legacy for your family to treasure

Everyone moves through the grieving process at their own pace, but one of the best ways to recover from loss is to focus on the life of the deceased. With Lexikin, you can help your family focus on the happy memories of your life by establishing a Family Scrapbook.

This social media tree lets you invite people whilst you’re alive, so that everyone can read key stories that you want to be passed down through posterity and gives family members and friends a place to interact with one another.

Decide how you’ll be remembered

How do you want to be remembered when you are gone? Lexikin makes it possible for you to set the tone for your legacy and allow future generations to remember you exactly as you are. Use this personal lifetime journal to record memoirs to be given to your children.

You can tell stories, include documents and upload photographs to make it extra special. You can also have memorial pages set up in advance, write the epitaph to appear on your tombstone, compose your own Obituary and even select reading or a Eulogy to be read at your memorial service or funeral.

Live life to the fullest & inspire future generations

Lexikin is all about celebrating life both now and after death. Our Bucket List feature gives you a place to record your dreams. Set goals to accomplish before it’s too late. One day, your family can look at your list and see what all you managed to do and will no doubt be inspired by how you went after your goals and lived life to the fullest.

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What can the Life section do?

One of the most unique features of Lexikin is the ability to record your life’s memories and important moments. Many users start using this facility far before they are seriously thinking about their end of life arrangements, even though this section will require you to enter next of kin and guardianship information.

In general, however, Lexikin “Your Life” functionality gives you a comprehensive platform for recording your life, your family, and even your bucket list. Here is a little more information about each opportunity this section of the platform provides:

You will be asked to enter information about your family, who you want to be in charge of your Estate, the Executor of your Will, and details for the guardians of your children or other individuals in your care. This area will ask you to register details so that when you pass away, it will be very easy for your family and friends to know who is supposed to take care of what.
This is a social media function that allows you to record important, memorable, or funny stories about your family, you can even invite them individually to add their own stories, memories, and pictures to the scrapbook, which Lexikin then stores for future generations.
A personal lifetime journal allows you to write down anything and everything that you want your family to know, whether it is your personal memories, or life advice that you want to give to your children or grandchildren. You can include photos, documents, and your own text so you have one comprehensive place for anything and everything you want to pass on to your family or friends.
While you can, of course, leave the writing of your Obituary, Eulogy, and gravestone epitaph to your family, if you want to have a say in the words your family chooses, Lexikin gives you the ability to record those things, which will then be presented to your family after your death.
Bucket List
Bucket List
Like your family tree, scrapbook, and journal, this is another area that can be used throughout a persons life, from the time they are very young to the time they are very old. Make a list of all the things you want to do and check them off as you actually do them!

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