Your Will

Every adult should have an up to date, professionally drafted Will.

 A Will is one of the most important documents you will sign during your life, yet most people either don’t have one, or haven’t updated it for years. We’ve made it easy to draft Wills online with expert Estate planning solicitors. Deal with Probate in the best way and make your online Will through Lexikin.

Importance Of a Will

Maintaining a professionally drafted Will to fulfil your wishes, minimise Inheritance Tax and provide for your family is crucial.

Make a Will & Codicil

Ensure your Will is up to date, valid, drafted by a qualified solicitor and your dependents can find it.

Managing Probate

Save your family time, money and emotional heartache with a good Will. Log your data so your Executors can follow the legal process efficiently.

Recording information required for a Will takes less than 15 minutes, easiest on a laptop/desktop

Create and store your Will online with Lexikin and our professional partners

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No one wants to think about their death, but you truly can’t afford not to if you want to ensure that your family is provided for and that they are not burdened with costly legal matters after you’re gone. A Will is a simple document but its benefits are profound. That’s why experts recommend that every adult have a Will and that the document be updated periodically to keep it as current as possible. Lexikin makes following that advice easy with our simple-to-use Wills online and Codicil features.

Why do you need a Will?

A Will is a document that explains how your Estate should be settled after you pass away. It outlines who is responsible for managing your Estate by performing tasks like settling your debts and selling any assets that must be liquidated.

In addition, it explains who is to receive what when you pass away. You can choose to divide your assets any way you want to ensure that the people you love are well provided for once you are gone. Having a Will saves families time and can even reduce Inheritance Tax to allow your heirs to keep more of your Estate.

Create or upload your online Will with Lexikin

A Will is a vital legal document for you and your family, in the event something should happen to you.

Create Your Legal Will With Ease

With Lexikin you don’t have to book an appointment at a law firm or spend countless hours reading legal jargon to create a legally binding Will or Codicil. Our Will creation tool makes it easy for you to create a new one from scratch. Simply fill in the questionnaire and your Will is drafted by an expert solicitor in our international network. When it has been certified, your Will or Codicil is stored on your Lexikin account for you to access at any time.

Access, Update and Pass on Your Will

Even if you already have a Will, Lexikin can help you keep it up to date and easily accessible. Upload a copy to your account and your family will be able to find it, which is vital! You can make changes to an existing Will by adding a Codicil (similar to a new chapter), although it’s usually easier to simply start a new Will. All of your changes are made by expert solicitors, so you can be certain of their legality. You can also make regular changes to your wishes in your Lexikin account without having to change a Will, e.g. the instructions to the Guardians of your children.

Whether you have uploaded your Will or used Lexikin to draft a new one, your document Will be kept secure and confidential while you are alive. The document Will be protected with state-of-the-art encryption and only shared with your Executor in the event of your death. Using Lexikin ensures that your data can be quickly located, so that your Estate can be settled as quickly as possible.

What can the Life section do?

With Lexikin, the process of settling an Estate is much simpler. The up-to-date legal Will can be executed with ease using all of the data and information provided by Lexikin. The personal information you provide will make it easy for matters like the appointment of your Executor and the guardianship of your children to be handled.

Plus, you can use our Estate planning tools to provide the Executor with complete lists of your personal belongings, assets and liabilities. Everything is accessible only if you have passed away, and the Executor will have complete access at that time with our simple-to-use dashboard.

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