Your Data

Would your partner know where to find all your important data, passwords & documents?

Would your family know what bank accounts, insurance policies or contracts you had? What about digital data or online accounts such as social media, music, TV and photo libraries? A lot of this information is vital not just for keeping Probate costs down but also for the safety of your family dependents when you are gone.

Official Certificates

Store copies of important documents that can be found wherever you are in the world in case you need them in emergency – or your Next of Kin can find them via your Executor if you die.


Index your personal finance, utilities, social media details, photo & music libraries, so Probate can be completed efficiently – saving time, money and heartache.

Secret Information

Details that need to stay unpublished, perhaps even after your death – e.g. instructions for your solicitor regarding secret publications and correspondence.

Recording information required for a Legacy takes less than 5 minutes, on any device

A digital record of your essential data, stored securely in the cloud in case of an emergency.

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These days so much of our modern life exists online and in the cloud, rather than inside of our homes in a traditional paper world. The internet provides a second life of sorts – when you pass away there are just as many things that must be done to close out that online life, as there are to settle your offline affairs.

Reduce future struggles for your family

Executor(s) and families often struggle with personal data because there is no plan in place. It can cost Estates money to retrieve data or require family members to spend countless stressful days trying to settle everything. With Lexikin you can spare your Executor and your family this hassle and heartache and avoid your Estate accruing unnecessary expenses. You can also gift digital libraries to whoever you like, so there’s no ownership dispute with a company!

Create or upload your online Will with Lexikin

A Will is a vital legal document for you and your family, in the event something should happen to you.

Create Digital Records for Convenience in the Future

Lexikin allows you to upload copies of key documents. Your information is kept in a secure online cloud, so that you can access it from any computer, tablet or smartphone. If you should ever become involved in a fire, a burglary or a natural disaster, you’ll still be able to access any documents that have been lost, ruined or stolen.

When you pass away, your Executor can gain access to these files to use them to help distribute your Estate, as you’ve directed. While you can copy any type of document that you wish, we recommend that you scan copies of Wills, Codicils, Power of Attorney, insurance policies, property deeds, mortgages, loan paperwork, rental agreements and other vital contracts. You may also want to make copies of birth & marriage certificates as well as documents to save for posterity.

Make It Easy for your Files and Accounts to Be Reconciled

Give information about services where personal photos, music and videos are stored online and provide passwords to these files on your computer. All of the information is kept 100 per cent confidential and private, until you pass away. Then, it is only shared with the individuals that you select.

Share Select Information in a Confidential Way

Sometimes, it’s necessary to pass information along to an Executor that you don’t want the rest of your family to be privy to. For example, you may wish to have a letter delivered to a special person, or there may be items that you would prefer be put away before your family sees.

Whatever type of message you wish to send to your Executor, Lexikin will make sure that he or she receives it. The message will only be shared in the event of your death, ensuring your complete privacy.

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