Create a Will
Our network of industry leading Solicitors will create your Will using your Lexikin data, for a small one off fee
Upload a Will
Lexikin makes it quick and easy to upload and store your Will in the cloud, simplifying things for your family in the case of an emergency

Legal Partners

Creating a Will should be a priority for every adult, especially if you’re married or have children. Apathy is the biggest issue – with most people making it tomorrow’s task! We’ve tried to make it easier to look after your next of kin: 1) It’s easy to record and update your assets and wishes on your Lexikin account. 2)  Our unique solution autofills your personal possessions onto a Will Questionnaire. 3) That recorded data remains confidential until you chose to submit it to our network of international solicitors, who are all experts in estate planning.

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How our Legal partnerships work

It is imperative that every responsible adult has a Will:

1. Creating an up to date Will is crucial, no matter how much you think Your Estate is worth.
2. Getting a properly qualified solicitor to write one is equally vital: having a badly written Will can be worse than having no Will; law firms are regulated, so you get protection; our solicitors have a fixed fee with no hidden charges.
3. Your next of kin know where the Will is stored, ensuring your dependants are left what you wished.

Creating a legally binding Will on Lexikin is designed to save time and money. But we’re an open platform, so you can also upload an existing Will; or if you’re confident an existing Will simply needs needs some small changes, you can amend an existing Will with a Codicil.

Record Your Assets

Simply catalogue your personal possessions using the Personal Property Recorder in the ‘Your ASSETS’ section. This data is confidential.

Will Questionnaire

Lexikin autofills your Will Questionnaire with your asset information, leaving you to decide who gets what.

Receive Will

Check all the details, submit the Questionnaire – depending on where you live, one of our solicitors drafts a Will, ready for you to sign. A copy is then automatically saved on your Lexikin account.

Creating & Uploading Wills

There is no charge to store the details of an existing Will on your account, but there is a charge of £195 to create a new Will with the solicitors we’ve partnered with. The charge is only made when you submit the Questionnaire.

The solicitor might conclude from the information provided that they can’t draft a Will – in which case:

1. Your account will be fully refunded.

2. You will be given a choice to discuss an additional payment with the solicitor.

Similar terms of payment exist for a Codicil but there are two charges: £195 for a Codicil to a Will done with non Lexikin solicitors;  or a discounted £95 if your Will has been drafted using Lexikin previously.