Your Wishes

Legal documents cannot record all your Wishes, but Lexikin can.

Whilst a formal, legally binding Will documents details about your physical and digital assets, this section helps to manage and pass on your sentimental wishes, your funeral arrangements, your legacy pledges and gifts to charity.


Manage a plan in advance & avoid family heartache. Decide the details in advance regarding e.g. costs, music, readings, religion, guests & social media considerations.


Leave messages from beyond the grave. Tell people how much you love them, give them advice & leave them DNA information.


Benefit charities & consider organ donation. If you’re passionate about a charity leave a legacy from your Estate with a message of support.

Recording Your Life to pass on to your loved ones is simple to do on Lexikin

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What would be the perfect way for friends and family members to pay tribute to you when you’re gone? Would you want a solemn, large funeral; an upbeat memorial service or wake; something private with only immediate kin? How do you want your body to be handled? What final words would you want to say? What type of legacy would you want to leave?

Most importantly, how will you ensure that things are handled according to your wishes?

Lexikin makes it easy to tell your Executor and your heirs how you want your life to be celebrated, to say final farewells and to manage your legacy. By making decisions before you pass away, you can ensure that your family follows your wishes and gives you the perfect sendoff.

Create or upload your online Will with Lexikin

A Will is a vital legal document for you and your family, in the event something should happen to you.

Simplify Making Arrangements After You Die

With Lexikin, you can create detailed instructions about what type of funeral or memorial service you would like to have. Your family members will be relieved to know precisely what you want, and you can ensure that the tone of the day is appropriate. Provide instructions regarding where to hold the funeral and wake. Let your family members know what music and readings you’d like to have included and whether or not you wish to have a religious service. Tell them if there are special people you would like to have invited and whether or not you want them to make the event public.

You can also provide information about any life insurance policies you have to offset costs, whether you have prepaid for a funeral or not or if you already have purchased a burial plot or urn for your remains.

Send Your Final Words of Wisdom and Well Wishes

If you were to pass away suddenly, what would you want to make sure that your friends and family knew? With Lexikin, you can write personalized messages for anyone that you wish, and we’ll ensure that they’re delivered in the event of your death.

You can tell them how much you love them, provide them with advice or even reveal a personal secret or piece of family history that you’ve kept hidden. Because our service is secure, you can be certain that your messages will be kept confidential until the appropriate time.

Give Back to Causes That Matter

Many people wish to donate a portion of their estates to worthy causes after they pass the way. Lexikin makes it easy to set aside some of your money to be passed along to a charity or charities of your choosing in the event of your death. Our service makes charitable donations quick and simple, and you can even include a personalised message to have sent with the funds.

Donating your organs after you pass away can help other people who are waiting to have surgery recover from the effects of illness and disease. Lexikin allows you to state whether or not you wish to be an organ donor, so that you can give the gift of a healthier life to someone else after your death.

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