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“It’s a one-stop shop before you drop”

The London Evening Standard
Chris Blackhurst, Executive Editor, Sep 2015

“a genius business idea that remains strong every which way you examine it…stores all the stuff we hold most dear — passwords, legal documents, certificates, photos and videos — and keeps it safe and accessible for when we die.”


“smooth the path of sorting out your estate, from saving your passwords to sending messages to your loved ones…”

The Telegraph
Ben Wright, Senior City Editor, Aug 2015

“Anyone who has ever had to sort out a family member’s estate will know how complicated it can be. Even the most organised people can leave behind reams of paper and files in assorted boxes and filing cabinets. Invariably, the crucial pieces of information will not be where they are supposed to be….a one-stop shop for shuffling off this mortal coil with your affairs in order…a more rounded service for the Facebook generation: “I think that people will be attracted to it for the sentimental stuff and then find that it’s a practical service that can save them a lot of money.”


“How to leave a tidy digital legacy for your family”

Money Week
Merryn Somerset Webb, Editor-in-chief, June 2015

“It’s a free-to-use but very secure service in which you can effectively store your entire life – accounts; passwords; will; details of charitable bequests; funeral instructions; a list of where you hold your insurances…savings; details of your executors; valuations of your possessions and, perhaps most importantly, photographs, memory books and messages for your family.”


“A digital filing cabinet for your estate”

Money Observer
Nov 2015

“Five top fintech offerings: Lexikin is described …as ‘the world’s first digital executor’….the business provides a one-stop shop for people to create and manage their digital legacy.”


“We like NEW SERVICE Lexikin which will let you draw up a will but also manage your whole ‘digital estate”

Boring Money Website
Holly Mackay, MD, Jan 2015

“If you die without a will, your family’s worst nightmare just gets bigger. At best, this will be a serious admin headache. At worst, they could lose their home. Don’t risk it.”


“Options for a futuristic farewell”

Ian Wade, Nov 2015

“Lexikin lets you catalogue your personal possessions and ensure your estate is passed on exactly the way you want, with legal and insurance experts available to look after your digital archive.”

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