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Help protect your Estate and pass it on to your loved ones exactly the way you want.

 The words ‘Estate planning’ can be misleading and you might not think you even have an ‘Estate’. But if you have any assets whatsoever then you have an Estate, whether that’s owning a car, a house, a business, valuable belongings, investments, savings accounts, life insurance etc. Don’t leave it to chance.

Personal Property Recorder

Catalogue possessions in case of fire or theft, so you have an up to date inventory. Police could recover items if you’ve recored photos and serial #s. Get preferential home & contents cover using our secure quote system.

Asset Calculator

Work out your net wealth – stored in one secure digital file. You can estimate your financial position & leave a summary of your Estate. Consider Inheritance Tax with your partner for your entire family.

Wealth Management

Investment guidance on simple tax relief & allowances. Our experts aim to demystify investing and debunk jargon. Maximise the opportunities of long term investing without paying excessive commissions.

Recording information required for a Legacy takes less than 5 minutes, on any device

Ensure your assets pass on to those who matter most

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You’ve worked hard all your life and acquired many assets along the way. When you pass away, you want to ensure that your family is able to benefit from the wealth that you’ve created and easily settle any outstanding obligations. Lexikin can help you create and manage your estate now to simplify things for your Executor and your heirs in the event of your death. Plus, using our Estate features now can help you grow your wealth, so you can maximise what you pass on to future generations.

Catalogue Your Possessions and Be Prepared

One of the most time consuming parts of settling an Estate is creating an inventory of possessions. You can spare your Executor(s) the work by using Lexikin’s Personal Property Recorder to create an accurate listing of what you own. Once you have the list in place, you can access it from any computer, tablet or smartphone to add and remove items over the years. In the unfortunate event that you ever become the victim of a fire, a flood, a burglary or another disaster that results in property loss, your inventory can also be used to help you file insurance claims.

Create or upload your online Will with Lexikin

A Will is a vital legal document for you and your family, in the event something should happen to you.

Evaluate and Manage Your Estate

If you passed away today, would there be enough money available to settle your debts? Would you leave behind enough wealth to help your family maintain their current standard of life? Lexikin can help you find out the answers to these important questions with our Estate calculator. By answering a series of questions, you’ll be able to see your assets and liabilities and how well your current insurance coverage will meet your financial needs in the event of your death.

In addition, the calculator makes it possible for you to see the impact that inheritance tax will have on your Estate and your heirs. All of the information that you enter is kept completely secure and will not be visible to anyone while you are alive. After your death, your Executor will be able to easily access the information to begin settling your Estate.

Get Assistance From the Pros

Making your money work for you while you’re living can help you to provide for your family even after you’ve passed away, but making investment decisions can be challenging. Investing jargon can be complex, and the laws regarding inheritance are complicated. That’s why Lexikin offers wealth management advice to help take the mystery out of Estate planning. Our resources and team of experts can help you fully understand all of the ins and outs of Estate creation.

Secure Your Family’s Future

If you haven’t started to invest, or your portfolio is in need of some fine tuning, you can count on the team of wealth management experts partnered with Lexikin to assist you. Our experienced advisers can help you invest your money wisely to maximise your return on investment and grow your wealth. Our advising services are affordable with low commission costs to help you keep more of your hard earned money.

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