Security is obviously of critical importance when managing and processing personal and confidential information…

Security Partners


Security measures Lexikin has put in place


All of Lexikin’s data is held on Amazon EC2 dedicated servers, the world’s leading data centre operator.


Our firewalls undergo regular penetration tests by the UK’s leading consultancy firm, used by government and top companies.


All network traffic is fully encrypted and personal data is not sold to third parties.


Your information is confidential until you die. Once we have been notified of your death we will then give your chosen Executor(s) a code to access your information. Your Executor(s) cannot make any changes to your data.


We undertake security checks on members’ Executors to confirm their identity and they must produce a legally valid death certificate before receiving a password.


For added security we encourage members to use our ‘two step authentication’ process to access accounts: this is currently regarded as the most secure method to protect online accounts.

Security measures we ask you to take:

  • Do not write down your password.
  • Do not write down your memorable word.
  • Do not save passwords in browsers.
  • Use the LOG OUT button when you’ve finished using the site (although we do automatically log you out after 10 minutes of inactivity).
  • Do not record your PIN numbers or dealing codes on Lexikin: the site is designed to help your Executor(s) and next of kin to find your recorded information and legacies, but it is illegal for them to withdraw assets before the legal process of administrating an estate has been completed – e.g. provide bank account numbers, but don’t allow anybody the crucial PINs to access the funds – the courts must authorise this first.
  • Regularly read the Government’s ‘Get Safe Online’ free expert advice pages: www.getsafeonline.org

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If you have any more questions regarding Security or simply want to explore other questions that may arise, then why not take a look at our extensive FAQ section to see if you can get quick answers there.



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