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Help us to break the cycle of youth re-offending and give young people who want to change their lives another chance.
"Key4Life have changed my life. I've got a job and repaired my relationship with my daughter"

Key4Life’s mission is to reduce youth re-offending through the delivery of an innovative rehabilitation programme to those in prison and an early-intervention programme for those at risk of going to prison.

The average annual overall cost of a prison place in England and Wales is £37,000

74% of young offenders end up back in prison within two years of release, costing the economy of up to £13 billion

In contrast, the cost of putting one participant through the Key4Life programme is £5,000 and 16% of those who have been through the Key4Life programme have re-offended

Key4Life’s model is underpinned by 3 pillars:

 Unlocking negative behaviours that led to a young person’s conviction

 Employability support to gain work experience and secure a job

 On-going support to hold down the job and reintegrate into the community

A Wonderful Partnership

We’ve partnered with Lexikin – a trusted, secure digital estate planning tool which records your assets, wishes, memories and legacies.

This unique service allows you to set up a straightforward charitable pledge, for free, without any complicated obligations or up front payments. In addition, 100% of your pledge will go straight to the charity. All we ask is for you to consider making it part of your Will when you have time in the future.

What is a Legacy Gift?

A legacy gift is a pledged financial donation to a charity, which is only realised in the future when you die. Legacy gifts are arranged through a Will or can be pledged through Lexikin’s free online service.

How your Gift will be used

Key4Life are a small charity so your legacy gift will make a huge impact and go directly to those who need our support:

  • £1500 will pay for 20 young men to own their first suit, for work experience and interviews
  • £5000 will fund one participant’s place on the life-changing 12 month programme – from prison to employment
  • £60,000 will fund a full 9-month early-intervention preventative programme to 20 young people at risk of going to prison

What if you could change a life?

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