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Please help the orphaned and disabled children on the Island of Bhola
Leave a legacy through Lexikin

With your support, we can provide these forgotten Bangladeshi kids on Bhola Island with a home and school, plus equip them to live in the community with dignity by providing:

Access to medical treatment on the mainland

Health education for the children and their families

Teaching those with different disabilities how to help each other

Basic classroom education to a level where many can transfer to mainstream school

Training in life/employment skills, such as sewing, carpentry, metalwork and agriculture

…all in a loving environment full of fun and laughter.

A Wonderful Partnership

We’ve partnered with Lexikin – a trusted, secure digital estate planning tool which records your assets, wishes, memories and legacies.

This unique service allows you to set up a straightforward charitable pledge, for free, without any complicated obligations or up front payments. In addition, 100% of your pledge will go straight to the charity. All we ask is for you to consider making it part of your Will when you have time in the future.

What is a Legacy Gift?

A legacy gift is a pledged financial donation to a charity, which is only realised in the future when you die. Legacy gifts are arranged through a Will or can be pledged through Lexikin’s free online service.

How your Gift will be used

Bhola is a small charity – money gifted goes a long way

  • Every child gets some training in farming and food preparation as part of the daily life at Bhola Garden.
  • The younger children get basic classroom education. The aim is to equip them, where possible, to transfer to mainstream school within three years.
  • If after three years they are unable to transfer to mainstream school, they are given the opportunity to stay on and train in farming, metalwork and tailoring.

How does it work?

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Complete your Sign Up to your free Lexikin account and name your Executor(s) to ensure Bhola receives your pledge.

What happens after I pledge?

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