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Could Lexikin go bust and what would happen to members’ data if we ceased trading?

Lexikin has no debt, despite significant investment, meaning our business model is structured for the long term.

We’ve partnered with large firms with hundreds of years worth of expertise – they monitor Lexikin to make sure their reputations are not put at risk.

In a worst case scenario where our firm was wiped out, our legal partners could get access to members’ email addresses (not their data) and inform them that they should look at alternative solutions to store their data.

Bottom line is that members’ data is safe!

How can you appoint an Executor using Lexikin?

You can appoint anybody you want in a Will, including friends, family and lawyers but please list them in the ‘your LIFE’ section so we know who to contact when you die. If you would like our legal partners, Bishop & Sewell LLP to be your Executor, simply tick the box in the Will questionnaire. See information regarding all our partners here.

Why should you appoint a solicitor to be an Executor?

Lexikin recommends using a legal expert in estate planning to be an Executor as they’re unbiased, legally qualified to deal with complex issues and regulated.

What is a Codicil?

A legal amendment to a Will to keep it up to date or current.

What is a Will?

A legal document with your wishes for the distribution of your estate (including property and assets) and the care of your children.

What is an Executor?

A personal representative legally appointed by you in a Will or Codicil to deal with your estate when you die.

What does an Executor do if contacted by Lexikin?

The Executor must legally confirm that the user has died. The Executor is then given a password to view (not edit) the information stored by the user for a fee of £100 (c. $150 / €150). This allows the user’s trusted and unbiased Executor to pass on relevant assets (via probate) and information to next of kin.

What happens in the event of a user passing away?

Once you’ve registered your next of kin/family/confidants in the ‘your LIFE’ section, they receive an email informing them that when you die they should contact Lexikin. This email will include very basic details of how the site works. If a family member that you’ve registered then contacts us to say you’ve died, Lexikin will: 1) email you (as a security check), 2) contact your Executor (we encourage you to include a law firm as one of your chosen Executors) to allow your estate and your story to be revealed, as you’ve declared privately on the site.

Why does Lexikin discourage storing financial pin #s?

It is illegal for any monies to be taken from an Estate until Probate has been completed, so Lexikin is designed to allow an unbiased Executor (preferably a solicitor) to quickly establish where a user’s wealth is stored. This money must be legally divided according to the user’s wishes in their Will.

Why does Lexikin use Authenticator software/apps on smartphones?

As an additional security measure we encourage members to use 2 step verification: smartphone manufacturers provide a secure 2 step verification tool to prevent somebody other than the user accessing accounts. This provides the user with a unique 6 digit number which changes every 30 seconds in addition to a user’s unique password. This facility can be switched on in the MY ACCOUNT section.

How do you set up a Lexikin account?

Set up an account using the steps laid out on the Home Page (email + your strong password). Videos are also available to show how the process works.

How does the Lexikin professional platform work?

Lexikin will take a small fee for using our technology; for example, if a user wants to create a Will using a recommended solicitor on our network, we will charge a fee of £25 (total charge is £195).

How much does the service cost?

Lexikin is a free utility to store data whilst you are alive. We have an admin/security charge of £100 for your Executor to get a password to view your account when you die.

Does Lexikin sell your data?

No personal data is sold or passed on to anybody without the user’s permission.

Who can see your data?

Only a registered user has access to their own personal data using their unique password and authenticator. Lexikin can only see basic details for identification purposes (name, email, executors) – we can’t see your data. If a user dies, their appointed Executor is only given access to that data once the user is proved dead.

How secure is your data?

We use the latest technology and have our site regularly load and penetration tested by digital security industry leaders. Our partners on the ABOUT page share our desire for the tightest security.

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