Lexikin is built around 5 key features to help you manage your life and afterlife with ease
Your Life
Secure your digital afterlife by capturing your life’s key moments & your family history so that your memories live on with future generations.
Your Will
Create or upload your Will on Lexikin's cloud storage platform so you have peace of mind it will reach your Executor in case of an emergency.
Your Data
Store your important data online with Lexikin, making any pass over to your Executor or Next of Kin a simple and smooth process.
Your Estate
Input your assets into our digital storage facility, assign those who are to receive them in case of an emergency and insure them quickly and easily
Your Wishes
Leave more than just your possessions, create specific wishes to pass on to your family and friends or leave a legacy donation to charities you're passionate about.

Support your Will by providing specific wishes, access to your vital digital assets and plans for the future of your family

 Your Will provides a legally binding set of instructions to your Executor(s), making the process of passing on your estate and assets as pain free as possible for your family, but it cannot enforce your wishes and feelings. Completing your Lexikin online allows greater depth of information to pass on so your family can not only move on legally and financially but more importantly, emotionally.

5 Sections

Each section of Lexikin is listed below. They have been created to segment the most important information you can provide to your family when you are gone. By understanding each section, you can navigate through your Dashboard with ease and understand how to get your Lexikin completed so you are fully prepared should anything happen.

Your Life

Your story and your family tree.

Your Data

Music, pictures and other archives.

Your Assets

Assets and liabilities up-to-date in one place.

Your Will

Having a good Will: more important than you think!

Your Wishes

Don’t leave people to guess: let them know what you want.

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Lexikin has an extensive Guides section to help your with everything you need. You can learn more about each Feature, answer any legal queries you may have or simply understand where to find useful information from your Dashboard.



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