Please help us to support people affected by a neurological problem
Leave a legacy through Lexikin

In the UK, at least 1 in 6 people are affected by a neurological problem. Legacies left to the Brain & Spine Foundation help us to provide:

A free, confidential Helpline service run by neuroscience nurses

Clear and up-to-date information through our booklets and website

Online support groups where people can connect and support each other

A Wonderful Partnership

We’ve partnered with Lexikin – a trusted, secure digital estate planning tool which records your assets, wishes, memories and legacies.

This unique service allows you to set up a straightforward charitable pledge, for free, without any complicated obligations or up-front payments. In addition, 100% of your pledge will go straight to the charity. All we ask is for you to consider making it part of your Will when you have time in the future.

What is a Legacy Gift?

A legacy gift is a pledged financial donation, which is only realised in the future when you die. Legacy gifts are arranged through a Will or can be pledged through Lexikin’s online service.

How your Gift will be used

The Brain & Spine Foundation exists to support anyone affected by a neurological problem, including family, friends and carers. We provide practical and emotional support that empowers people to improve their quality of life and to find the care they need.

There are over 470 known neurological conditions. This includes migraine, stroke, dementia, and other rarer conditions like motor neurone disease and transverse myelitis. People affected by a neurological problem may face life-changing symptoms or disabilities; and often experience significant delays and difficulty in accessing the right care and support. Our knowledgeable nurse-led helpline can help with preparing for appointments, explain medical terms and procedures, as well as provide individuals with tailored advice and support.

We are there for someone at any stage of their journey and for many people, the information and support they find through our services simply doesn’t exist anywhere else.

How does it work?

Click Pledge

You will be directed to our secure Brain & Spine donation page to input your email and pledge amount.

Pledge Amount

Choose your future legacy gift value. Your donation will only be received if something happens to you

Name Executor

Complete your Sign Up to your free Lexikin account and name your Executor(s) to ensure the Angling Trust receives your pledge.

What happens after I pledge?

Please help us reach more people

We would like to make a difference to as many people as we can.

You can help be telling your family, friends, colleagues, neighbours and anyone you think may be interested in our services or supporting us.

Thank you.

The Brain & Spine Foundation is a registered charity number 1098528