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It seems that in today’s squeaky clean, health and safety world, dying is somehow a little rude. It’s not really the done thing to talk about death, to think about dying or to make plans for after you’ve died, and yet death is the one thing we can be sure will affect us all.




Funeral planning your own funeral might seem a little dark, but actually, when you think about it, it makes perfect sense. What better gift can you give to your bereaved loved ones than to take care of all the hassle and expense of funeral planning? Not only that, but in some ways, the act of making plans for our own funeral can somehow be cathartic, helping us come to terms with our own inevitable mortality.

If you’re keen to take some of the strain of the funeral planning for yourself, we’ve devised this handy checklist to help you approach this once in a lifetime (or should that be for a lifetime) event in an organised and methodical manner.

The funeral planning practicalities

The first bridge to cross is the practicalities of what will happen after you pass. Think about:

  • Who will be the Funeral Director?
  • Burial or cremation?
  • Location of the church, crematorium and / or cemetery (first and second choice)
  • Would you like a funeral service? In church or at home?
  • Would you like a graveside service / service at the crematorium?
  • Would you like a memorial service after burial or cremation?
  • Name of the person you would like to officiate (first and second choice)
  • Would you like other specific funeral events, e.g.
    • Viewings before the funeral
    • Wake before the funeral
    • Visitation before the funeral
    • Reception after the funeral
    • Religion specific mourning events

Planning the details

Getting some of the smaller funeral planning details worked out will save your loved ones a lot of guess work and heartache and ensure your Wishes are carried out:

  • Clothes you would like to be buried or cremated in
  • Music you would like to be played
  • Flowers you would like at the service
  • Readings you could like to be read
  • Any other personal touches you want to include

The roles of your loved ones

Making sure you have the right people doing the right things at your funeral will put your mind at rest that nobody is left out:

  • Name the people you would like to do readings
  • Name anyone you would like to deliver a eulogy
  • Name any pallbearers you would like
  • Pass on details of any clubs, groups or societies you would like notified of your passing and invited to your funeral or memorial
  • Also pass on contact details for any people you would like at your funeral who your family do not know

Leave messages or legacies

When you work with Lexikin, we’ll make sure you’re able to speak out from beyond the grave and send messages or gestures that really mean a lot to you:

  • Give advice: Leave personal letters, video messages and other communications for those special people in your life. Leave nothing unsaid.
  • Give money: If there are certain charities or benefits that you feel strongly about, you can leave a legacy  from your Estate along with a personal message.
  • Give life: Give your organs to medicine so that someone else can live on.

When you start funeral planning early, you’ll be able to give yourself the send-off you deserve. We never know exactly when our time will be up, so it’s never too early to start making plans.

With our help, you can tell all your friends and family those important things you never got around to saying personally, and can bring a smile to their faces at what will be a very difficult time.

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