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You might be wondering what digital asset planning is all about, and if you even have any digital assets at all? Well, if you’re under the age of 80 right now, whether you realise it or not, you probably have a digital estate of some shape or form. Anything that is worth something, be it financial or sentimental value, forms a part of your digital estate, and needs to be accounted for in your end of life plans.




We’ve produced this useful guide for digital asset planning so that you can figure out what your assets are, where they are and start to think about what you want to happen to them after you’re gone.

Digital Banking Assets

For over a decade, most working people have started using some form of internet banking. Whether you just check your balance online or manage all of your accounts over the internet, it’s worth thinking about what you have in digital form. Credit cards, bank accounts, savings accounts, ISA’s; you probably have several, and like a good consumer have almost certainly never written the passwords down anywhere. This is probably the most important aspect for your digital asset planning and the one that can be most complicated for your family after you’re gone.

Purchasing & Cashback Points

As frugal consumers, many of us love to collect points and credits whenever we spend our money. Whether it’s your Clubcard or another store card, Air Miles, store credit or gift vouchers, you know where you keep all your rewards, but does anyone else? It might seem like little bits and pieces to you now, but it’s all property that belongs to you, and is yours to pass on after you pass on.

Digital Memories

With many of us living our lives through social media, all too much of our memories and those of our families are only available in the digital realm. Even those photos we store in online Our cloud based services could be lost forever if we don’t make provision for their retrieval. Many social media operators will allow your beneficiaries to download images, text and archives from your accounts, as long as they have your permission, which will ensure all those precious memories can be accessed long after you’re gone, for future generations to enjoy.

Online & Digital Purchases

If you had a great CD collection or a library full of books, wouldn’t you want them to be passed on to your loved ones after you die? So why should it be any different with digital media? If you buy books for your Kindle, music for your iPod or films to stream from the web, then these are your property just as much as if you’d bought them in physical format. So much of our entertainment is digital these days, so make sure your investments can be passed on to your loved ones.

Online and Digital Resources

If you’ve bought domain names or run a website or blog, you have online assets that need to be thought about. Maybe you’ve written your own website code or have trademarked your own intellectual property online at some point, like a trademark or logo for instance. All this is your own property, and yours to pass on as you see fit.

Physical devices

Of course, not all digital assets are invisible, intangible items. Some digital resources can be held in your hand, such as your e-reader, your digital camera, your smartphone or your PC. Not only do these have a monetary value in themselves, but the contents of them also have value both financial and sentimental to you and your family. Think about flash drives, CD-ROMs and hard drives which might contain valuable digital data.

You may have other digital valuables that will be unique to you. The important thing is to think about what relates to you, and start to compile a bit of a stock list of items that need to be dealt with effectively for your digital asset planning.

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