How to plan your own funeral


Have you ever wondered what your family would plan for you to see you on your way? Ever thought maybe you could do a better job of it than them? Ever quietly hoped that they’ll play some resounding rock anthems rather than some dreary hymns? If you’d prefer to take charge of your own funeral plans so you can organise the send-off you really want, maybe you should plan your own funeral in advance using Lexikin and a Funeral planning checklist.




Why plan your own funeral?

It might sound a bit strange, even somewhat morbid, but planning your own funeral can be one of the most thoughtful things you and do for your family. At a time when they are crippled with grief, they’ll be glad to have one less thing to worry about, and will be able to remember and celebrate your life without the burdens of planning and decision making.

If you are able to put some money aside in a trust or even pre-pay for your funeral costs, this financial relief will be a huge help too. Often families have to find the money for a funeral up front, because the money from the Estate takes some weeks to be released. Not only that, but it will enable you to have the funeral you really want, putting your own mark on it and giving your loved ones a great memory for life.

What should you think about?

There are lots of details to be worked out for a funeral, but if you’re planning your own send-off then you’ll have plenty of time to figure them out for yourself. If it’s left until after you pass, your loved ones will only have a matter of days in which to plan everything, which often means it’s not really what they would have wanted.

When you plan your own funeral, think about:

• Where and how you would like your funeral?
• Do you have a preferred venue in mind?
• Would you like a religious or non-religious service?
• Do you have a funeral director or service leader in mind?
• Are there people you would like to carry your coffin (pall bearers)?

What happens at the funeral service?

• Do you want religious readings, if so which?
• Are there other readings or poems you would like?
• Who would you like to read them?
• Is there any music you would like?
• Anything else you want to happen?

Before the funeral

• Would you like the coffin to go home, stay at the funeral home or go to the place of service?
• What would you like to wear?
• Are you happy for loved ones to view your body?

Anything else?

• Flowers and donations
• Are there any special flowers you would like?
• Do you want family flowers only?
• Would you like guests to donate to charity instead of bringing flowers, if so which?

On the day

• Would you like a special type of hearse?
• Do you have a preference on coffin type?
• Any preferences regarding your headstone?
• Where would you like everyone to gather afterwards?
• Burial or cremation?
• If burial, where?
• If cremation, what should happen to your ashes?

There may be other issues which are unique to you and which you would like to add in when you plan your own funeral. Thankfully, you have the rest of your life to make changes to perfect your plan, so there’s no rush to get everything resolved right away or complete all funeral planning checklist. Most importantly, don’t forget to tell you family you have a funeral plan, and where they will find it in the event of your death.

It would also be helpful to them if you could build a list of contacts with phone numbers or email addresses, so they know how to contact the people you want to invite.

Self-funeral planning is becoming increasingly popular in Britain as people start to realise how much work goes into organising a sudden funeral. By laying down some plans and potentially putting some money away, you’ll be able to shoulder some of the burden that your grieving loved ones would otherwise have to face.

Plan your own funeral with Lexikin through our Wishes feature and take the strain off your family should the worst happen.

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