End Of Life Planning Checklist

Now is the right time to start your end of life planning, for your families future. Follow our simple checklist and Sign Up with Lexikin

 We have created our Top 7 end of life planning checklist to help you get your planning off to the best possible start and protect your family and your assets in the most effective and efficient way possible.

1. Name An Executor

Naming an Executor(s) is an essential part of your end of life planning. Your Executor will manage your Estate after you are gone and ensure that your wishes are carried, preventing issues arising for your family that will increase their stress at an already upsetting time. Understand what is an Executor or Sign up to name your Executors digitally.

2. Create A Will

It is never too early to write a will and it is never going to feel like the right time to do so. We recommend getting a Will made as soon as possible and save your family any extra heartache should the worst happen at some point in the near future. Make creating a Will a priority. Make a Will online with Lexikin and our legal professionals or upload your existing Will to your free platform, making it easy for your Executor(s).

3. Create An Advance Decision (Living Will)

Should you be in an accident or become seriously ill, your family can be left with some heart wrenching decisions that can change their lives forever, and yours. By using an Advance Decision and making a Living Will, you can take the decision of their hands, making the decisions yourself. This may include organ donation or naming a health care proxy. Take a look at Living Wills in more detail.

4. Life Insurance

Getting life insurance and naming a life insurance beneficiary should be a priority, especially for those who are married or have families. Leaving a spouse or a young family without a bread winner or with significant debts such as mortgages, will exacerbate their loss and can lead to serious financial problems. Life insurance can be a complex field, so choosing the right insurance for your will be important, such as Term Life Insurance or Permanent Life Insurance.

5. Get Organised

It sounds simple, but organising your life, finances, Wills, life insurance, assets, digital assets, social media accounts and even utility bills, is difficult and can take many hours. Once you are organised, where can you store it all for your Executor(s) and family to access it once you are gone? Lexikin is a unique online storage platform, custom built as a way of passing on your vital information easily and efficiently saving time and money.

6. Charity Legacy Donations

Leaving money to charity when you die is not only a great way to support organisations you care about but it is also a useful way to reduce inheritance tax and allow your family to inherit more of your wealth. Follow our guidelines to maximise the value of your assets for your family.

7. Make Funeral Arrangements

This may seem like the most morbid of your tips and one that not many of us want to think too much about but there are benefits for your family in being prepared and not leaving them in the dark at such a traumatic time. Planning your own funeral does not need to be difficult and you can leave your wishes on our unique digital platform, which we will pass on to your Executor(s) when you are gone. Use our funeral planning checklist to make sure you cover some of the key considerations that you may otherwise overlook.

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The above checklist is just the beginning for end of life planning, with so many things to consider in order to be fully prepared and to leave your loved ones supported and organised when you are gone. Explore our extensive resources to find answers on tough questions or simply have a read to better understand the ins and outs of what is involved legally when someone dies.


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