Who to appoint as a Will Executor

Solicitor Andrew Murray of Bishop & Sewell LLP explains why you should appoint a legal expert in estate planning as your Will executor.

Well, a lot of people used to choose family members as their will executors.

For a start, it’s a very complicated process.

Nowadays it can be an enormous strain and very difficult for somebody, immediately after a death, to have to deal with an estate with all the formalities involved.

We are professional solicitors, we are regulated solicitors and as such, unlike other commercial organizations or some other commercial organisations, we cannot charge for being will executors.

So it’s a free service. We can charge for the administration of the estate, which people would have to pay for in any event.

But it’s free, it’s completely independent, it’s separate from your guardians, and it has a lot of benefits when it comes to paying the inheritance tax because solicitors with indemnity insurance  are able to use some of the money from your estate to pay for the inheritance tax whereas family members may not be able to do that.

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