Probate is the process of taking your will to the court and saying: this is the last will that you wrote and this is how you want your estate to be distributed. The court will offer a grant of probate which is the license for your executors to distribute your estate to your beneficiaries.

Part of that whole process is submitting the return to Her Majesty’s revenue customs saying what your estate comprises of.

Having Guardians for your children might be THE most important reason to have a Will!

It’s very important that you appoint guardians. In fact, one of the basic reasons for making a will is so you can have a guardianship appointment for any of your children who are under 18. Because of both parents die and you don’t appoint guardians, it’s then in the hands of authorities to choose who should be the guardian for your children.

And that may not necessarily be somebody that you would want. It could well be a member of your family or it may be somebody that an authority feels is the appropriate person and you might not. So if you want to choose who looks after your children, appoint guardians in a will.

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