Lexikin is a trusted, secure digital estate planning tool to record your memories, wishes, legacies and assets, in case of fire, theft or death.

Our unique solution guarantees your stored information is properly understood by your loved ones via your chosen Executor(s), in case something happens to you.

When you think about it physically writing a will is a very old fashion idea. And it only tells part of the story that you want to leave behind.

That’s where Lexikin comes in.

Lexikin is a secure online utility that allow you to all your important Lexikin information together and store it as digital data.

In such a way, Lexikin becomes a more detailed and practical platform for drafting your main will.

  • Keep a valid up to date will.
  • Give to the charity you’re passionate about from your legacy.
  • Record personal possessions and calculate your financial position for inheritance tax purposes.
  • Email your next of kin, close friends informing them that you’re using Lexikin as your digital executor.
  • Register the passwords of digital music, email, sm and photos. Instructions to the guardians of your children which change as they get older.
  • Save your best memories in the scrapbook and keep digital copies of vital certificates.
  • Appoint an executor for your state, preferably a solicitor. And plan your funeral.

When you die, and not many people know when they’re going to die, your next of kin should contact us to tell us that you’ve died. Lexikin then contacts your executor. We give your executor a password to view your account. They can then carry your wishes and pass the relevant info to your love ones.

To save your state and your story, sign up and start your plan today.

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