Why should you make an online Will?


Leaving a Will gives all your loved one’s instructions on what you would like to happen with your possessions after you die. Without a Will, everything will pass to your next of kin, which may or may not be what you wanted to happen. Whether you have a little or a lot, making sure you take care of the people who matter after you’re gone gives you peace of mind you’ve done the right thing and it couldn’t easier now to make an online Will.




These days, making a Will doesn’t have to be as expensive or complicated as it has been in the past. Previously the only way to make an official Will was to pay a legal professional to draw one up for you. However, thanks to the wonders of modern technology, it is now possible to make a Will online for less than the price of a family takeaway, directly through Lexikin.

Here’s what you need to know:

Why should you make a Will at all?

There are plenty of compelling reasons for making a Will. Here are some of the most crucial reasons not to leave Will making until it’s too late.

  • You will be looking after loved ones: It’s not easy to talk about death with the ones you love, but by putting your wishes into a written Will, you’ll be ensuring the most important things in your life are going to the most important people in your life.
  • You will protect your assets for the future: If you’re keen that special heirlooms are looked after and passed down the generations, leaving a Will with instructions regarding this can safeguard your most important assets for the future.
  • It will avoid disputes among your loved ones: Inheritance disputes can really bring out the worst in people, and leaving a Will can avoid this happening. With your wishes on paper, there will be no question about your intentions.
  • It will avoid unnecessary stress to your loved ones: Dealing with the loss of a loved one is hard enough, and when there is no Will, all the jumping through legal hoops can be the final straw. Leaving a Will makes it much easier for your family and friends to sort things out.
  • You’ll feel reassured for taking this step: It’s never nice to think about our own mortality, but by taking care of this important planning step, you’ll find your feel more reassured and settled about the future.
    Making a will makes absolute sense, whether you’re in your 80’s or your 20’s, and particularly so if you have children or other people who depend on you. Making a Will can be fast, cheap and easy, particularly when you make it online.

Why make a Will online?

Lots of digital Will making companies have sprung up over the past few years, with many offering will writing facilities from as little as £15. Compared to the £150+ that a solicitor would cost, this is making Will writing much more accessible for everyone. It is important to remember that a legal professional is still the best option, so use an online Will service that includes the required legal processes.

Aside of the cost, there are a number of other benefits to online bills, including:

  • Fast completion – Start to finish in 30 minutes or less
  • Easy amendment – Situation changed? Instant access to amend your Will anytime
  • Equal power – Just because it’s DIY doesn’t make it any less valid

Making a Will online is a great solution for those who are pushed for time or short of money but still want to prepare for the future. Don’t forget to tell your loved ones about your online Will, and how they can find it when it’s needed.

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