“…I’m not sitting through another f*cking charity auction”

I was expecting something irreverent from Sir Bob Geldof – he delivered.

I was expecting something magical from Jules Holland on the piano – he delivered.

I wasn’t expecting my preconceptions to be challenged quite so emotionally by ex prisoners.

I certainly wasn’t expecting to hear about horses being taken into prisons to tame hard geezers.

…all at the gala event to support the extraordinary work of Key4Life, with the human dynamo that is Founder Eva Hamilton & her team.

I do expect your prejudices & preconceptions to be challenged by the 5 minute video below.

At Lexikin we don’t ask for cash, but 2 requests, please:

    1. I’m asking this professional network to consider mentoring, or giving some work experience for ex offenders, to give them the confidence & hope to get off the bottom of the ladder. You’re unlikely to meet more motivated people to get off their arses and perform for your business – as it’s voluntary to join the Key4Life programme, and these blokes don’t want to go back inside. Link  here: Key4Life Application
    2. Lexikin supports Key4Life for legacies – it takes less than a minute to make a legacy pledge; less than 5 minutes to register your essential details (securely); less than 15 minutes to submit a request for a professionally drafted Will….but a lifetime to accumulate your memories for your next of kin. Leave a Legacy to Key4Life
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