Inheritance and divorce

Andrew Murray, from solicitors Bishop & Sewell LLP, explains some important issues surrounding Wills if you get divorced and allowances as part of your inheritance.

Andrea recently got divorced, what’s the implications in terms of the will of God?

What if you’ve left anything to a spouse in a Will it remains valid until the decree absolute, so if you’re in the process of getting a divorce and you haven’t got the decree absolute, it’s worth looking at your Will again because otherwise your spouse will inherit.

But do remember that although you can leave whatever money you like to whomsoever you like, in a Will, if you’re maintaining somebody and paying maintenance is a classic example, you do have to make allowance for that when writing the world.

Simon Stewart
Simon is the creator of Lexikin, using his own experiences to create a platform that helps anyone to manage and look after their digital legacies, assets, online Wills and wishes in the case of fire, theft of death.
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