Nicola Horlick explains some of the merits of using Lexikin

One of the great things about Lexikin is the idea of storing all of your financial data. That’s not just useful in that when you die your executors can find everything, but it can be very useful during your life. For example, my husband many years ago did a PEP (Personal Equity Plan), before the days of ISAs, and he invested 6,000 pounds into a small companies’ fund. One day he suddenly thought “gosh I haven’t heard anything from that fund provider” and we have moved house a couple of times and probably he forgot to send anything to the fund provider saying that we had moved, so he then tried to find this thing and in the meantime the fund management company had been taken over by a big bank and they said they had absolutely no record of this particular PEP.

He is still about 18 months later trying to find out what’s happened to this PEP and you know frankly it should be worth rather quite a lot of money even though the markets haven’t done equally well in the near term there have been some very good years and particularly for some good quality UK small companies. Now he’s desperately trying to find his PEP and if he’d had Lexikin and had all the details loaded on properly more than being disorganised then today he probably know where it was.

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