Why Have a Will And The Dangers Of Not Having One

If you die and you don’t have a Will, your assets are subject to ancient laws, known as rules of intestacy, which usually means your next of kin get a lot less money!

If you don’t have a will, everything goes by the intestacy rules.

The intestacy rules are very old fashioned and they set out a very strict order of who gets what in a very old fashioned way.

It tends to be extremely tax inefficient and will probably and will probably cost your estate a lot more tax if you’re subject to inheritance tax.

Learn all about Wills, Executors, Probate and more in our hand guides

Wills don;t have to be boring, if you have one you are better preparing your family for the transition they may face. We’re here to make that easier for you and offer you a platform to do so, and all the info you need to navigate the legal world the revolves around Wills and making them legally bound.

We cover all the subjects you need to know about when it comes to Wills and assets.

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