Who gets Grandads cufflinks? How to Avoid problems with family and Wills

When a person dies there are questions around who gets what from the deceased’s estate. A person’s chattels (items that they own) form part of that estate and it’s important to ensure your Will addresses how you would like your property to be distributed according to your wishes.

The biggest cause of arguments when people die are the chattels.

Chattels are the things that you own. Furniture, picture, jewelries, that sort of thing. And that’s where people argue.

It’s not so much about how they’ve inherited money and who gets what share. It’s who gets the diamond ring? who gets grandpa’s cufflinks? who gets my watch?

Those are the things where you want to be able to say who gets what.

If you do it in your will, then you have to change your will every time you change your mind.

But if you put the right clause in the will saying that your chattels will go in accordance with your memorandum of wishes, which you can set up in Lexikin, then you can say who gets what in that memorandum, change your mind as often as you like, and you don’t have to change the will.


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