Chattels, obviously we have got the ability through this site to record Chattels, how does that all tie into inheritance & a Will? Chattels are basically the things that you own your furniture, pictures, jewellery, that sort of thing some very lucky clients have racehorses and airplanes and ships but for most of us it’s the things that we own and they are part of your estate in the same way as houses and bank accounts are and for most people they want to make sure that their Chattels, these items, go to specific people. Now if you write it in a Will, particular items to particular people, if you want to change your mind you’ve got to change your Will with a Codicil or rewrite your Will but we can put a clause in your Will saying that all your Chattels you want to go in accordance with a Memorandum of wishes, it’s a side letter that’s available on the site and you can say you want particular items to go to particular people and if you want to change your mind, as long as you’ve got that clause in your Will in the first place, then you can change that memorandum of wishes as often as you like & however much you like without having to change your Will.
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